Review Policy

kimberliandbabyreadI love to read and I love to review, but I have a very full life with a husband, four children,

two cats,

and three chickens too.  I also write novels and collect realistic baby dolls.

And I live with Chronic Pain.

I need to be able to do all these things to be happy.  It’s a carefully developed balance act because of the Chronic Pain.Tigey

Therefore, I read and review Paper Copies Only most of the time, but I will accept PDF eBooks on occasion.  Most of the books I review will come from my local stores, ordered online, or checked out from my local library.  If you want to send me a paper copy, email me and we’ll talk.  I’m back on NetGalley, but doubt I’ll use it much.


The irony of this is I love eBooks.  My first published novel was through an eBook publisher.  Oh, well.


I read across all genres, except Horror and Erotica.  My visual imagination is vivid enough, thank you very much.  Presently, I’m sick of Alpha Males, Kick-Butt Heroines, and dark, angsty stuff.  I don’t hate those things, but they’re kinda like Twinkies.  Gimme too many and I throw up.  Sorry.



I am severely Character-Driven.  If your book is not, I’m probably not a good reviewer for you.lgcover_9780373425273


I only post positive reviews.  I don’t have time to read a book I do not, at least, like.

Thank you for your time and happy reading.


P.S. The baby I’m reading to in the photograph is my youngest child and the book I’m reading to her is Mama, Do You Love Me?  by Barbara M. Joose.  It’s a family favorite.