Since I moved to Alaska decades ago to snag my man, it was only natural that this little beauty snagged me.  You may remember a while back the state of Alaska became famous for, among other things, not having enough women to go around.  I prefer a buffet, so when I was ready to settle down I went the Last Frontier to make my selection.  The heroine in this story, Sophie, did the same, but she also had another motivation.  She was trying to get away from her rich daddy and the unwanted fiancé he’d set her up with.

Alaska’s a great place to hide.  Seriously.  Cut it in half and Texas becomes the THIRD largest state in the union.  If someone pushes you out of a plane over Alaska, odds are your body will never be found.  Except by the wolves.  Or bears.


Sophie’s having a good ol’ time hiding out in Love, Alaska, working in a little café, enjoying the kind of downhome dirty living she missed in the Big Apple.  It’s small town.  Everyone knows everybody and they really do care, even if they can’t get anything out of you.  Only one person knows Sophie’s a secret heiress, her best friend, Grace, and she’s not talking.  Grace is busy living happily ever after with her own Alaskan man, Boone, and their new baby.  Sophie wants that too.  So far, none of the local guys are ringing her bell though.

My husband likes to say if you go looking for a man in Alaska, the odds are good, but the goods are odd.  And I say, Well, I bagged you, didn’t I?  Throw head back and laugh wholeheartedly.


Noah shows up, sent secretly by Sophie’s ex-fiancé to find out what in tarnation is going on.  He’s been told the Ex is just heartbroken, wants to find his lost love, make sure she’s okay.  And I’m thinkin, ‘right, sure he is.  Of course, he makes Sophie’s bells ring when he walks in the door, presumably as the newly hired cook.

Noah’s been paid a lot of money to track down some rich brat chick who skipped out on her loving fiancé.  But…Sophie is not a rich brat chick.  She’s…nice.  Kind.  Generous.  Grateful.  And loving her new life and friends in Alaska.  It just don’t add up.  Little red flags are going up and he’s got to keep reminding himself he’s not there for any kind of relationship.  It’s just business.

The townfolk pick up the tempo and Noah resists getting roped into their social scene.  He has every reason to be on the Ex’s side.  His own heart was broken by a rich brat chick and he don’t aim to have it broken again.  But, he just can’t stand it when another guy kisses Sophie’s hand either.

Meanwhile, Sophie has no idea why Noah’s really there, but he is bringing up memories of her old life and making her homesick.  She’d had a happy childhood, but then her dad struck it rich, her parents got divorced, and her mother died.  She didn’t expect anyone in Love, Alaska to understand her poor-little-rich-girl dilemma?  They lived paycheck to paycheck.  She just wanted to live happily ever after.  But, that takes love and love takes honesty.

Just when Noah’s believing Sophie’s the nice one and the Ex is the bad one after all, the Ex wants Noah to date Sophie to keep her away from the other guys in town.  This is typical behavior from people who are so self-absorbed it makes them stupid.  Noah is a hottie and Sophie doesn’t care about the Ex’s money.  Noah’s a born and bred Alaskan boy too, from Homer.  Been there.  Had the best halibut in the world fresh off the boat in Homer, Alaska.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homer,_Alaska   And thing is you call a spade a spade in Alaska, or maybe I should say an Ulu is an Ulu.   http://alaskagiftcompany.com/products/alaska-ulu-knife


So these two lovebirds are finding their way together through honesty and the value of family and community, friends, forgiveness, all those good things.

So, if you’re looking for a feel-good romance set in the Land of the Midnight Sun, pop over and get this book-   https://www.harlequin.com/shop/books/9780373622986_his-secret-alaskan-heiress.html

Also, pop over to the author’s website to learn where you can find more great stories-  http://www.bellecalhoune.com/

Want to know my real life Alaskan Romance?  Okay, here it is.  I was pushing thirty and finally ready to settle down.  So, I asked my brother what I should do.  He said move to Alaska, walk into church and just take your pick.  So, I did.  I walked in, found the guys outnumbered the girls fifteen to one and the only other girl there was already engaged, and I said, “Okay, I’ll take that one.”

toyotaNice, huh?




My Kuspuk & My Dolls

I finally own my first Kuspuk, the traditional Alaska Native dress.  My beautifully talented stepmother made it for me.  Besides that, my husband brought down a lot of stuff we left in storage when we moved down to the Lower 48 years ago.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuspuk

MyKuspuk2If you look to the right, you can see Evangeline, my Ashton Drake doll, and if you look to the left you can see my little barn chicken coop.  http://www.ashtondrake.com/products/301811001_realistic-baby-doll.html?N=9047+9040+9044+9037+9038+9037

Here is Evangeline (yellow bow) with my daughter’s new doll, Serena (purple bow), from Ashton Drake.  She’s the one with black hair.  http://www.ashtondrake.com/products/302530001_ping-lau-lifelike-baby-doll.html


The other two are from JC Toys.  My mother gave me the little one, Leia (yep, we do Star Wars here) and the church ladies gave me the big one, Annabelle (white bow), when we were going through financial troubles years ago.  http://www.jctoys.com/default.asp

My husband brought down the baby buggy I pushed all my four real babies through the Alaska snow in.  One day, it will carry my grandchildren.  For now, it holds my doll collection.  P.S. That’s a real pacifier in Annabelle’s mouth. I simply cut it to fit.  Other doll collectors use magnets or the sticky goo meant for hanging posters without damaging the wall.


I made the dresses hanging on the wall and my grandmother (in Heaven now) made the blankets.  All of my daughters wore the yellow jumper to their first birthday parties and the very long gown was for my eldest daughter’s church dedication ceremony.  The little brown dress was handed down in my family since I can’t remember when, but it’s much older than me.  You can’t see it well, but there’s a black-lidded bottle in the diaper bag pocket.  It’s real glass, the kind used decades ago.  I don’t know how old it is.  I love antique children’s things.  It’s wonderful to imagine our grandparents as babies.


I’ve had a wonderful week tripping down memory lane.  🙂

Out of the Wild The Alaska Experiment


I’ll level with you, most real Alaskans I know have a good laugh over the many reality shows set in Alaska.  I’m not one of them, simply because I can set aside the inaccuracies and enjoy the shows for what they are.  Nevertheless, I do have my favorites and this is one of them.


I like this one so much because these Lower 48ers were willing to put their hearts and souls into it and to really try and endure and suffer.  It was the participants which made this show.

“Lower 48er” -a person who resides in the continental United States, the Lower 48 states, as designated by Alaskans.

Alaska has a million ways to kill you, and odds are no one would ever find your body.


It really is the Last Frontier, the Wild West, the great unknown and untamed wilderness, a fierce and unforgiving beauty.

I miss it.

Anyway, so a bunch of Lower 48ers are dropped off in Alaska and given a map and allowed to choose their gear.  A guitar?  Seriously?  Gonna whack a charging moose over the head with that?

Fear not.  The participants get a grip on reality and their indomitable spirit is inspiring.  So, these Lower 48ers don’t know much to start with, but they learn and the process of learning and dealing and finally winning is awesome.  Totally worth the watch.  Highly recommended.  🙂


ALASKA – It’s Not ‘Northern Exposure’ and That’s Okay



I miss Alaska most during the summertime down here in the Lower 48 (that’s what Alaskans call the rest of the US.)  I also miss Christmas terribly in July.

Northern Exposure was an amazing television show which ran from 1990 to 1995 and starred, among others, the hero from two of my only three favorite chick-flicks, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1 and 2.


Filmed in Washington state, it was a far from accurate portrayal of Alaskan life.  But, that was okay by me.  The characters were flawed and multi-dimensional and the plots were tight and engaging.  Loved that show.

This is my first post about Alaska on this blog.  The only thing predictable about these posts is that they’ll have something to do with Alaska.