Kitting Out the Camper


Our new-to-us RV will be arrive in June and I’m getting so excited.  It’s a modern one, but I’m going to give it some retro flare with robin’s egg blue fabrics and accents.  Here’s a post by a lady with a lot of great ideas for that-

Additionally, we’ll be converting the pedestal table and chairs into a table with benches that convert into a bed.  We have a few more children than the standard, so we’ll also add an add-a-room.  Here’s a link to show you what I mean by that-

Oh, to be a happy camper!


Lisa Shearin, An Enduring Author

lisa-headshotGood morning!  I reviewed Lisa’s debut novel, Magic Lost Trouble Found, many moons ago.  We even threw her a Cyber-Launch Book Party, which was something we blogging book nerds did before you could pay a professional to do it for you.  Shows you how long we’ve been around, huh?



Lisa’s still going strong and book number NINE in that series, Ruins and Revenge, is out May 2nd.  That’s Tuesday, so you’d better pop over and pre-order it now.


I emailed Lisa to catch me up on her glorious career and this is what she wrote back:

Lisa said, “It’s so great to hear from you! : )

Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, but I have a new book coming out a week from today, and I’m a wee bit swamped.
It’s Ruins & Revenge, the *ninth* (can you believe it?) book in the Raine Benares series. The tenth, if you count the Wild Card novella. Who would’ve thought there were so many Raine stories in me — with still more to come? I’m starting the next (fifth) SPI Files book (the sixth if you count the Lucky Charms novella). It’ll be called The Myth Manifestation and I hope to have it out this fall. After that, I’m going to start a third series. It’ll be a paranormal thriller, and I’m really looking forward to digging into that one. After that, I’ll go back to Raine & Company, with a book from Raine’s POV (my most recent two “Raine” books –Treasure & Treason and Ruins & Revenge have been from Tam’s POV. And coming soon in the Raine Benares series will be a book from Phaelan’s POV. That promises to be a lot of fun to write.
Last March, I was able to finally quit my day job at the advertising agency to write full time. I’m now writing three books a year. It’s a ton of work, but let’s face it, I’m living the dream. : ) “
I’ve reread Lisa’s first book several times and have given away copies of it, because I knew the people wouldn’t want to return them anyway.  Here’s my original review:

*For a more thorough review, please check out my Blog Buddy Tia’s blog My review we’ll probably be more commentary. You all probably realize I’m an amateur who doesn’t follow a standard procedure anyway.*

Before I launch into my complaints about the Fantasy genre, I would you to know this is a good book that I liked.
For greater discussion of the ins and outs of the Fantasy genre, check out my other Blog Buddies’ blog

I don’t read much Fantasy for two reasons. One, most of them are Tolkien knock-offs. Two, most of them center so much on the magic that the humanity of the characters is lost. As a reader (and a writer), the Intimate Adventure is the most important factor to me in every story. Other readers have other priorities, but that’s mine. Pop over to In a nutshell, the Intimate Adventure is the emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and psychological experience of the protagonist, how she matures, how she comes to the point in which she’s prepared to deal with the conflict and overcome.

If I had sped-red MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND, I would have missed the Intimate Adventure and probably would have tossed the book by the end of the first chapter. It’s not portrayed as strongly as I prefer. However, Lisa’s voice is so fresh and real and the heroine, Raine, is so multi-dimensional, empathetic, and appealing that I was absorbed right into the story anyway. By the end of the third chapter, I was seeing the Intimate Adventure and I was a happy reader as a result.

MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND is unusual in that it’s told in First Person Point of View and the voice telling it sounds contemporary. If not for the amulet and goblins, I’d think Raine was a rogue agent on the backstreets of Chicago dealing with the Mob. That may put off some die-hard Fantasy readers, but I think if they stick it out they’ll be hooked. I think Lisa Shearin is very lucky to have had industry professionals supportive of her original way of telling this story because I think she’ll hook new readers who wouldn’t normally read Fantasy, as a result.

There is a lot of magic shooting back and forth, but it doesn’t overwhelm the characters. Raine is beautifully flawed and holds her own against the magic element.

There’s not a Hobbit to be found anywhere in this book. In fact, if LORD OF THE RINGS had the goblins from MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND, I think Lady Arwen would have thought twice about sticking with Aragorn. The goblins in this Fantasy novel are sexy, but still very scary. Arwen was smart. She would have seen through that. And so does Raine, of course. I love gorgeous villains. They make life so much more complicated for the Heroine!

On the outset of this story, you’ll wonder if there is any virtue at all in the heroes. They live in a city which positively reeks of greed. But, then, you’ll notice that Raine gets in trouble because she cares about Quentin and deeper into trouble because cares about other people too. This is virtue at its most basic, but if you told Raine that she’d probably laugh you off.

The story goes that she’s trying to help these friends out and ends up with the amulet which won’t let her take it off. All the baddies in the city find out and start hunting her down. Like I said, for a more thorough review of the details, pop over to Tia’s blog.

Linnea Sinclair recommended this book to me just when I finally got Zombie doo-doo cleaned out of my ears from reviewing her forthcoming novel, DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES. (sigh) Now I have goblin goo freeze-dried in my hair. Thanks a lot, Linnea!
Learn more about Lisa Shearin, MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND, and Lisa’s other stuff at

Ah, the memories. 🙂  Here’s a link to the original post on Enduring Romance-

Cover Reveal: FROM RUSSIA, WITH LOVE by Erin Lee

Today is the cover reveal for From Russia, With Love by Erin Lee. This cover reveal is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The cover is designed by Lindsey Jayne.

From Russia With Love

From Russia, With Love

By Erin Lee

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age category: New Adult

Length: novella

Publisher: Bella Tulip Publishing (

Release Date: 20 May, 2017



Ahha (Anna) Antipova was four years old the day her strung-out mother left her and her brother on the side of the road. After a year in a Russian orphanage, the siblings were brought to America by English-speaking people who promised a safe, forever family. Learning a new language and culture was nothing to Anna, who grew into an overachiever in a home with strict rules around biological verses adopted children.


The primary caretaker to her adoptive parents’ blood children, Anna spent most of her teen years doing anything she could to please her parents. In fact, she excelled in everything she touched. Abram went the other way, stirring up trouble and expecting his younger sister to clean up his messes. She didn’t mind, it was only another year or two, Anna reasoned. Besides, he’s all I have.


Until one day…


Two weeks before high school graduation, Anna sat in an emergency room surrounded by strangers. With permanent scars at the hands of her adoptive mother, she needed to escape a home that was no longer safe. The problem was, she was only sixteen. A minor with no legal rights to emancipate herself, Anna struggled to find a way out. Counting on the kindness of strangers and her boyfriend, Elliot, Anna found herself desperate to find a way out. But it was not easy. With the system working against her, she could see no escape.


Until another day…That was the day she became fearless.


You can find From Russia, With Love on Goodreads:


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From Russia With Love teaser 2

About the Author:

Erin Lee is a freelance writer and therapist chasing a crazy dream one reality at a time. She is the author of Crazy Like Me, a novel published in 2015 by Savant Books and Publications, LLC, Wave to Papa, 2015, by Limitless Publishing, LLC and Nine Lives (2016). She’s also author of Alters, Host, and Merge of the “Lola, Party of Eight Series,” When I’m Dead, Take Me As I Am, Greener, Something Blue, Once Upon a Vow and 99 Bottles. She also penned Her Name Was Sam, an LGBTQ awareness novella. She is author ofLosing Faith, and co-author of The Morning After with Black Rose Writing. These days, she spends her free time working on the sequels to this novel, Jimmie’s Ice Cream and Thing Fifteen.

Erin Lee

Lee is a co-founder of the Escape From Reality Series. She, along with authors Sara Schoen and Taylor Henderson, are working with twenty other authors to bring the hopes, dreams, fears and terrors of a tiny fictional town alive. The town and its setting is exactly the type of place a man like Jimmie might escape to as the bodies thawed.


Lee holds a master’s degree in psychology and works with at-risk families and as a court appointed special advocate. She cannot write horror with the lights off. However, these days, she’s getting braver and dimming them. She’ll get there . . .


You can find and contact Erin Lee here:

– Website:

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From Russia With Love teaser 1


There is a cover reveal wide giveaway for the cover reveal of From Russia, With Love. One winner will win an e-copy of their choice of one of Erin Lee’s books.


For a chance to win, enter the giveaway by clicking on this link-



Storey Publishing

I don’t play favorites when it comes to publishers of fiction, because of all the trends and such.  But, when it comes to backyard farming, Storey Publishing is my go-to source.  I have read so many of their books!aa27a325a99ff3bdc5733f2d8ea3c07f-600x0-c-default

Storey books always have concise information and excellent pictures, which is important for a visual thinker like me.


Another backyard farmer brought up an excellent point this past week.  Too few of our children and grandchildren possess the skills necessary to feed themselves without the use of a grocery store, cafeteria, or fast food restaurant.  They get the basics of plants and animal growth out of school textbooks, but that is not enough.  Our great-grandparents survived world wars, pandemics, and financial depressions because they did possess these skills.  No matter how hard we try to make the world a better place, things can get ugly.  Knowing how to garden and raise laying hens would mean a lot.