Writing When You Don’t Want To

14963398_10154737807701091_165456567542315583_nTrying to finish the final crawl on A Vintage Heart so I can kick it out the door, once and for all.

Writing, revising, editing when you’d rather be getting a root canal is hard.  But, so is childbirth.  In fact, it’s a lot harder and there’s a lot more pushing and screaming, trust me.

Bottom line is you have to force yourself to do it.  And you have to learn how to do that if you ever want to be a published author.  Because most of the time, you won’t have the luxury of waiting around for Inspiration to come along, club you over the head, and drag you off to its cave.

Personally, I force myself to do a few pages, or even just a few paragraphs, and then I go do something I want to, like a walk or bake a pie with a daughter or watch The Tudors,

THE TUDORS - Season 4
Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn, Joss Stone as Anne of Cleves, Joely Richardson as Catherine Parr, Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII, Tamzin Merchant as Katherine Howard, Annabelle Wallis as Jane Seymour, and Maria Doyle Kennedy as Queen Katherine (Season 4-keyart) – Photo: Courtesy of Showtime/Showtime – Photo ID: tudors_gal4_kal_horizontal_b

make some jewelry for my collectable doll, Evangeline, or ride my bike.  It’s a cool bike, totally retro, and it has  pink basket on the front now too.

Anyway…figure out how to force yourself to do the work of writing.  If story creation is what you love, then have to do the work that goes with it if you want to share it with the world.  There’s no fast and easy way around that.  Plus, you have to do it, knowing you probably will get paid a few pennies for each copy sold.  Really is a labor of love, come to think of it.



Queen Elizabeth II on the Throne

Queen Elizabeth II ascended the English Throne 65 years ago today.  https://www.royal.uk/


A working knowledge of the British Monarchy is the backbone to understanding our own history.  Most Americans make the impatient mistake of lumping them in with other celebrities.  But, how many actors do you know who can trace their ancestry back a thousand years?  Ponder how much history has gone down in the last millennia.  Think of everything Queen Elizabeth II has seen since her birth in 1926.  Those are some pretty incredible stories, if you ask me.


The above picture is of the Queen with the first three in line to her throne, her son, Prince Charles, her grandson, Prince William, and her great-grandson, Prince George, named after her beloved father, King George VI, without whom the English people would not have endured World War II.

britishnannyI credit the Royal Family with igniting my love of history, as well as my interest in being a nanny.

Lauren Bacall’s Hair

I need a haircut.  I always want this one.


And I don’t want to talk about what I actually end up with.  Nobody delivered a line like Lauren Bacall.  Except maybe Whoopi Goldberg.  They’re nothing alike, but both ladies can deliver a line like nobody’s business.