Professional Childcare Providers & Babies as Human Beings

As a retired Certified Professional Nanny, one of my pet peeves in the Romance genre is when someone is called a nanny who is, actually, a glorified babysitter with no training and little to no experience with children.  Equally annoying is when a baby is treated as cute luggage within the story.


The Governess’s Secret Baby by Janice Preston is neither of those things.

The governess is trained and during a time when few were actually trained.  The baby is adored and well-cared for and truly involved in the story.

In case you’re wondering, a governess is a professional who is also qualified to home educate the children in their care.  That is why Julie Andrews was a governess in The Sound of Music.  Her oldest charge was 16, her youngest, 5, and, if you remember, the Captain wanted her to drill them in their studies.  In modern times, this means she also needs a four-year college degree.

The single parent (uncle) wisely chooses a baby-loving governess for his newly inherited niece because she is already two years old, unlike the book cover.  After losing her mother, the baby will not also lose her nanny when she grows too old for one.


Coloring Outside the Lines

This is a Time Travel novel by one of my favorite Historical authors, Michelle Willingham-


*Please Note: I’ve revised my posting schedule.  See the new one on the right sidebar under the old typewriter.*

I’m book-crazy, so, of course, I see and read and hear about a lot of books.  I mean, a lot.

I’m also a girl who appreciates a good buffet.

For these two reasons, I get sick of trends in books fast.  Sorry.

I love Twinkies too, but if I eat too many in one sitting I barf.  It’s like that.

“Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”  Taking this advice, I will be showcasing books I believe color outside the lines of what is most common in the Romance genre right now.

So, instead of…

…books with the 3rd Person Point of View split 50/50 between the Hero and Heroine, I will promote books that are 1st Person or Deep 3rd exclusively or mostly in one character’s POV.


Instead of…

…books with Alpha Heroes and Kick-Butt Heroines, mine will have Beta Heroes and soft-spoken florists who find their own brand of strength through the course of the story.

Instead of Raunchy Sex…

…there will be books with lovemaking in which it is believable that the couple truly love each other and have, by The End, the integrity and relationship skills necessary to live happily ever after.

By integrity, I mean things like Honesty, Unselfishness, and Kindness.


Instead of Glorified Babysitters, Babies as Cute Luggage, and Deadbeat Single Parents…

…there will be Professional Nannies, Babies as Human Beings, and Single Parents who only date partners who bond with their children too.

Instead of Dark Paranormal…

…there will be Fun Paranormal, like Pirates of the Caribbean, and with creatures besides vampires, witches, and werewolves.  Think Elves, Amazons, and Aliens.


Rather than copycat book covers with headless and half-naked dudes, there will be variety and beauty.

Okay, so that’s it.

I’ll get to work on that and start posting, because I’m planning multiple posts on Fridays and Saturdays.  Some might be long, most will be short, a few will be just book covers and links.


One Treat

0217-9780373369362-bigwSorry, I’ve been a little busy with real life and such.  Here is a Twitter Treat which I ordered and should be here soon.  The guy is handsome, of course, but it was the little boy who snagged my attention.  I normally don’t read from this time period, but a story about a single dad is difficult to resist.


For this site, the main task is deciding on the posting schedule.

As for my writing, I just finished polishing the Suspense Elements for revisions on A Vintage Heart.  Right now, I’m taking time off to clear my mind of the story images, because they make it very difficult for me to see the words for themselves.  Once I feel confident about that, I’ll start the final crawl through the manuscript.  Don’t know how long that will take.  A week?  Maybe two?  Anyway, when done, that story’s out the door.  Again.  And I can focus on the next stories.

I always work on two stories at once, so that if one overwhelms me I can switch to the other and keep writing.  I know I want to do An American Elf.  Not sure about the other one.

Lastly, I’m working on The Resurrected Stork, which is my effort to restore quality dolls and teddy bears for charitable donation.  At this point, I don’t see the need to form a non-profit.  It’s just me doing this.  I’ll be donating to existing charities.